Activate Tracfone

Tracfone is Americas largest Prepaid Phone carrier servicing some 10 million plus accounts. The simplicity of their services and having no contracts, no fees and more make it a very good choice for those looking to get away from traditional phone carriers. They have nationwide coverage with one of the most dependable networks on the market. Tracfone also makes it very easy to get started with them offering the lowest out of pocket Phone and Service cost and also by offering all these services with NO credit check and NO credit card required.

The phones you can use with Tracfone are some of the top phones in the market such as LG, Samsung along with others. Each month you can keep your existing number or get a new one if you would like. Again the ease of signing up and simplicity of use make Tracfone a good choice for anyone. Below is a quick “how to” guide as to how to activate or even reactivate a Tracfone.

how to activate-Tracfone

what you need:

  • internet access
  • phone compatible with Tracfones network and system
  • phone IMEI #

what to do:

  • visit
  • on right side of page click “ACTIVATE PHONE”
  • when you click you can choose “ACTIVATE/REACTIVATE¬†or TRANSFER”. Chooce which one you wish to do
  • 4 choices will be promted¬† click the one you need and hit ‘SUBMIT” ( For more info on each option click the HELP link at the end of the sentences)
  • if you are a current customer fill out your email and password to sign in
  • new online customers fill out box to the right in regards to personal information and phone details and click register
  • once done, click the activate button and you can then do a account overview to see all updates and changes


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